You will probably never make it as a card counter when it comes to blackjack, but this game still provides good odds, relatively speaking,  if you understand a couple of simple rules. While the details on some points of strategy will differ slightly when you are playing a game at a land-based casino as compared to enjoying one online, some of the tips remain the same at all times.

Rule Number One: Take Advantage of Perks in Moderation

Whether the perks are ones you are enjoying because you are spending time at a land-based casino, or those that allow you to do what you like because you are playing from home, or on the go, be sure and only indulge to a certain point.

Free bets, complimentary meals, match play coupons and such are the order of the day at land-based venues, whereas internet-based sites will provide you with great free bets and the chance to do what you like in terms of food and drink.

Don’t overdo the alcohol though. While it is very tempting to kick back and get sozzled, this will drastically influence the quality of the decisions you are making. Playing blackjack should be fun, don’t ruin it by imbibing so much that you are unable play at your best!

Put Basic Blackjack Strategy to Work

It is important that you have the right way to Hit, Split, Stand, and Double Down memorised. This will have you cutting the house edge down from one or two percent to just 0.5%.

The following primer is a good one:

  • Stand when you have a hand adding up to between 12 and 16 and the Dealer is holding a two to six.
  • HIt when your hand is between a 12 and 16 and the dealer has a seven through ace.
  • Always split aces and eights.
  • Double when you have a hand of 11 and the dealer’s is between two and ten.
  • Hit or Double aces through sixes.

Start Off Small at the Blackjack Table

Don’t go off guns blazing if you, or a new Dealer, has just arrived at the blackjack table. Start your bets smaller than usual in order to gauge the situation, like whether or not the Dealer is a hot one, or a cold one. While the casino may never stop, especially when it comes to sites online, you most certainly do. Hot and cold streaks will have a very big effect on you.

Don’t Buy Too Much into Gambler’s Myths

While you should always watch what other players are doing when you are playing blackjack at a land-based venue, don’t let the decisions of other players at the table make too much of an impact on what you do.

You are playing alone, and need only to beat the dealer, and the same way you don’t know what they are holding, they have no idea what is in your hand. Definitely ignore players who claim to be experts! Stay friendly, make sure you are playing your best game in terms of basic strategy, and eventually you will watch your bankroll boost.