Online Keno in Canada

With roots that stretch all the way back to Ancient China, online keno is a fantastic lottery-like amusement with proud heritage. It appeals to players who want the intoxicating thrill that gambling can deliver, but who do not want to take on too much risk. Its unique combination of online Roulette, Bingo and Poker elements makes it the perfect gentle entertainment for the sophisticated patrons of online Keno at Canadian casinos.

Keno’s proud history begins in 200 B.C. Cheung Leung, the famous Chinese general, was searching for ways to finance his battles. He used a poem called “Thousand Characters Classic”, traditionally used to teach children the traditional alphabet, and created a game. Using the first one hundred and twenty symbols, random characters were drawn and winning combinations were created. This early blueprint for online keno was a countrywide success, and the winning character combinations were even sent to remote areas using carrier pigeons, which led to Keno games in Canada being nicknamed the “White Pigeon Game”. General Leung funded his battles, and had enough left over to erect the Great Wall of China. This unassuming game might have had humble beginnings, but it is now believed to have played a vital role in preserving the Han Dynasty!

Chinese railway workers travelling to America first brought the game to the Western world, and it has flourished ever since. A firm favourite in land casinos for many years, online keno has proven just as popular in digital establishments. Whether it is played at offline or Canadian online casinos, Keno games in Canada are very simple and easy –players are quick to learn but slow to stop! Traditionally cards are handed put, printed with numbers from one to eighty. Players then need to select a certain amount of numbers, often called “spots”. Usually the maximum amount of spots selected is fifteen. The lucky spots in online keno are then either drawn on balls or are created with Random Number Generation. Payouts are calculated based on how many of a player’s chosen spots correspond to the luck numbers that appeared.

Easy to Play and very rewarding

Online Keno in Canada is just as simple and user-friendly. Players are presented with a box of eighty numbers, and a betting stake selector going down the side of the screen. To change the wager level, the selector is clicked on. Once the level is set, players click on the spots that they wish to choose. Payout odds are displayed on the screen, which helps when making strategic bets. These odds for keno online are adjusted as more spots are picked, and when players are ready for the numbers to be generated they simply click the “play” button. Once all the numbers are out the wins and losses are displayed. If their numbers are proving lucky players can choose to keep them, or can decide to clear the board and select new ones for the next game of keno.

The simplicity, great casino bonuses and handsome payouts of online keno make it the perfect way to introduce new players to the exciting world of online casinos in Canada, and its loyal recruits make many return visits. No game house visit is complete without a few rounds of Keno at Canadian sites!