Online Roulette Games in Canada

The world Roulette translates from French as “Little Wheel”, but the game’s popularity is huge in Canadian online casinos and all across the world. Its innate elegance and simplicity hide its wild core – it never fails to deliver truly thrilling multi-levelled games of online roulette!

Online roulette's exact roots are unclear, but it seems that it must have spread through the world through cultural exchanges and trade winds, which seems fitting for so sophisticated a pastime. It may have first been played by Chinese Monks who taught it to their Dominican peers, or it may have been an amusement for the soldiers of Ancient Rome. Some historians have also suggested that it was first seen in carnivals as an amusement, in the mid-1500s. What is agreed on is the origin of the Roulette Wheel itself. In the seventeenth century, a French scholar named Blaise Pascal was obsessively working on creating a perpetual motion machine. A happy by-product of his feverish work was the first crude wheel for the online Roulette game.

Casino Roulette was also taken to England in the seventeenth century. The 1739 and 1740 Gaming Acts clamped down on gambling halls, but a simplified version called “Even-Odd” could still be enjoyed. The gambling laws across Europe grew even stricter, and all amusements went through a very quiet period before the revival in the late eighteenth century. At this time, Price Charles of Monaca re-introduced online Roulette game halls to help to deal with economic problems. The spinning wheel was soon as popular as ever, especially with local aristocracy and royalty.

History of Online Roulette

All of the early variations were similar to what is enjoyed today, but the truly modern wheel made its first appearance in Paris gambling houses in 1796. The single zero game of online roulette was also introduced around this time in France by the Blanc brothers, dramatically reducing the house edge and making it much easier for patrons to win. When the first European settlers travelled to America in the early eighteen hundreds they brought their favourite pastime with them, and it proved just as popular in their new home. The double zero version was created here, and is known as American Roulette today.

How to Play Roulette Games

Such noble heritage is carried proudly by the games of today, and just as in the past the wheels have thirty-seven or thirty-eight numbered slots and are spun by croupiers. Before the wheel starts spinning a ball is placed on top of it, which has to land in one of the slots when the wheel stops. Each of the numbered panels (from one to thirty-six) is alternately coloured in black or red, and the zero panel (and double zero panel in the American variation) is green. Wagers can be made on the ball landing on ranges of numbers, specific numbers, odds or evens and colours of online roulette. Depending on what bet is placed, odds can be as promising as thirty-five to one! The superb online Canadian casinos reviewed here, and many others across the world, have brought the thrills of the Roulette online game to remote players for years, and everyone is able to enjoy world-class versions. It has actually been one of the most popular games among digital casino users, and the spinning wheel is very well recreated so that players at home still get to breathlessly watch where the ball lands.

Place your Bet with Roulette Online

Wherever, whenever and however gamblers are playing, an online Roulette game house visit is never complete without a few turns at the wheel! Exhilarating and simple, Roulette online puts big winnings within everyone’s reach with casino bonuses for new players starting out!