Video Poker Games Online Evolution

Video Poker was first created in the 1970s, and its popularity has been growing ever since. Today it is one of the most preferred forms of gambling in game houses across the world, online Canadian casinos included. Its unique combination of skill, chance, anonymity, low house edge and massive potential wins is thrilling and unequalled!

The game was inspired by Draw Poker and is very similar, except that in the video version players bet and play alone. Wagers can usually be made with as many as five coins, and after the bets are placed five cards are dealt out by the machine. Players can then decide which to hold on to and which they wish to discard. If any cards are rejected, the machine replaces them. Payouts are then made according to the value of the final hand.

In the past, Video Poker machines have often been called “Poker Slots”, and it is true that they offer the same anonymity, speed and simplicity that make online slots machines so popular. However, they also require considerable skill, and it is more accurate to describe them as a cross between traditional Poker and traditional Slots games. The popularity of these Video Poker games just keeps growing, seen clearly in the amount of variations that have exploded in recent years. When the games were first introduced Jacks or Better was the only Video Poker entertainment available, but today there are over one hundred exciting versions! Most focus on the combinations that can be created with a standard deck of cards, and some also incorporate the Joker cards. This means there are over two million possible combinations, so strategy formulation is crucial!

Whay play Video Poker Online?

Playing Video Poker at an online Canadian casino is just as thrilling as playing offline. There are also many added perks for players who wish to improve their game strategy and execution. Almost all reviewed casinos allow visitors to practice for free without making a deposit, which is very helpful in honing skills and building confidence. Many also offer various resources to develop better winning techniques, and software applications also help players learn to formulate strategies, read table payouts and ensure that the house edge does not increase.

As enthusiasts play more, they will come to realise that Video Poker online is an exciting exception to the old adage that the house always wins. By watching for the most generous pay tables and playing them well, players who are on the ball are able to gain serious advantage with large casino bonuses. Even the tables that favour the house slightly can still be made to yield a return over 100% if cash back, free play and other comps are considered. As players become more adept at Video Poker games, selecting the best table should become almost second nature.

Play for Big Online Video Poker Bonuses

Whenever, wherever and however this game’s many fans are enjoying it, online Video Poker delivers some of the finest casino action today. Engaging the minds and strategic skills of players while appealing to their love of excitement through its elements of chance, it has proven completely irresistible!